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A trip report (Part 2 Odessa) by Harry advised to follow suit. Pictures under the German blog
The English text will appear under and

Official language: Ukrainian
most spoken language: Russian
Scripture only Cyrillic
Capital: Kiev
state: semipräsidiale
Republic Population: 47 million
Currency: 1 hryvnia = 100 kopecks
1 € = 12.33 UAH
1 UAH = 0.08 €
(as of 26 September 2009)
independence: 24 was +380

09/16/2009 it with that night train on to Lviv Odessa: August 1991 (from Soviet Union) calling code. A Ukrainian specialty seems to be that night trains. They go from all parts of the country all night in all directions. There are 3 categories, but which of the facilities all the same. The first class is composed of 2 persons, 2nd Class 4 and 3 in Class 50 people. All classes seem to be the same feature: hard bench with a meager circulation. This gives it a mat lying more pleasurable, a sheet on the mat, a sheet to cover it. In a Rauhaardecke and a reference for something like a pillow. This is not for everyone and the trains rattle quite beautiful, are not as quiet as it is lived with us. At all stations the trains stop and people get on and to. Man sleeps on his clothes. That is, under the berth (actually fit) is a box where you can keep things safe from thieves during his sleep. The first and second class have to complete a door to the corridor, the 3 class, however, is open and it shares the facility with 50 sleeping little man, woman and child. This is certainly not for everyone. By 22 clock and the light goes out in the morning you go in the rule at its destination. Only from Sebastopol to Kiev takes 16 hours to travel on the train. The plane of Simferopol is faster and costs about 30 € with the So if the addition of expensive not love, which can easily then to Kiev from the Crimea fly.

The train with the night trains are very cheap and cost so between 10 and 20 euros depending on the class. In any case, they are a very special experience

to Odessa, which has, in fact its own airport, it is convenient to change trains in Riga / Latvia with the

And another important piece of information : it's worth it in Ukraine own mobile number for 3-5 € to buy with credit balances. These numbers are available almost anywhere and can be recharged. Therefore you have not even identify as in the Czech Republic, in contrast to Slovakia. So a good thing.

But notice: need to call in his country to enter the 815 first, followed by the country code (49 for Germany, etc.). SMS goes directly without entering another number but not 00 but only enter +. Otherwise it will not work either. And enter for calls within Ukraine and +. If you know this, then the connection works without problems.

So we are left at 9.16 to 19 clock of Lviv and around 9:00 clock in the morning in Odessa arrived safely in the 2 Class, since we were 2 adults and 2 adult Ukrainian boy.


Odessa (Ukrainian Одеса; Одесса Russian) is a town in Ukraine. It has approximately one million inhabitants the most important port city on the Black Sea.
zip codes: 65000-65480
code: +380 48

Odessa may also be referred to as the pearl of the Black Sea. The city is beautiful, especially the renovated old town with its attractive parks, its cafes and restaurants, pubs, the renovated houses, its promenade, the opera, its market, where you can buy almost anything and his Restored and renovated hotels, such as the Mozart Hotel opposite the Opera. The port is an attraction and the festively lit streets at night.

A visit to the Opera worthwhile in all cases. We have 2 times the opera. The admission prices are very moderate and so you can spend a lavish evening of opera for under 10 € in the best seats. We saw the following operas:
16:09 19:00 M. Arcas "KATERYNE"
17:09 19:00 G. Donizetti's "Lucia de LAMMERMUR"

More information about the Odessa Opera under: / repertoiren_now.html

There are also lots of beautiful boys. Only with the contact it is difficult when one controls and no any Russian Cyrillic. Moreover, the people on the basis of the Orthodox Church towards homosexuality negatively set, and the boys are afraid to publicly display their lusts, to say, "you must have it no one can see anything or get even a suspicion".

It is also worth a cable car to drive to the beach, which is located in the city, but small and not so clean. There is also a nudist beach just outside, but there I was not even due to lack of time.

For me, the most interesting city of Odessa in Ukraine and I will certainly go back there as soon as it is warmer spring and so .. My friend Dimitri will tell my friends like their city or Michal (see photo) that you know her from the villa, is ready with friends of the Villa to tour his country as a tour guide so to speak (please contact directly if interested in me).

are at gay bars it:

Chernomorets Gay Club, 5, Puskinska
Tema, 6, Puskinska
Gecruist is in the parks

I myself have lived with friends in a private apartment in the center for 30 € per room. More about Odessa should be read in

Part 3 of the trip report follows: Adventures in the Crimea "



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